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Two new equipment supported by NanoQAM
Thursday 28 February 2008
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The research center NanoQAM supports since few weeks two new facilities :
  • a solvent purification system (MB-MBraun SPS)
  • and a modulated differential calorimeter (DSC1 Mettler Toledo)
These two new facilities will be accessible to everyone from early March.

Solvent purification system (MB-MBraun SPS)
Solvent purification system
(MB-MBraun SPS)
Modulated differential calorimeter (DSC1 Mettler Toledo)
Modulated differential calorimeter
(DSC1 Mettler Toledo)

As for all other facility supported by the Research Center NanoQAM, people interested in the use of these facilities must first follow a training. For the solvent purification system, a group training will be given in early March by Pr. Jérôme Claverie. For the new modulated DSC training, you have to contact directly M. Gwenaël Chamoulaud.

Starting from March, it will also be possible to book the new modulated DSC from this website (Analytical Services section) or directly here.