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Portrait of Professor Rene Roy on “Quebec Scientifique”
mercredi 14 janvier 2009
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Le Code Chastenay, a Télé-Québec show, has published on its website, since 13 January 2009, an exclusive interview of René Roy, a professor of NanoQAM and Département de Chimie de l’UQAM, in Le Quebec Scienfitique section.

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René Roy is a real architect. But his works are not made of concrete, steel or wood. They are made of sugars, proteins and amino acids. He built so small molecules, that he can’t barely contemplate his works.

In 2007, Rene Roy’s team managed a real achievement: building a molecule that helps trap infectious bacteria such as E.coli and C.difficile. This molecule, called a “Glycodendrimers” helps to protect the mucous membranes of human cells, such as the throat, or renal tract urinary tract, by deceiving the nasty bacteria. The Glycodendrimers (call GD) acts as a shield, imitating the mucosal cells, to attract infectious bacteria, stick them to it and trap them. Then bacteria no longer come off of the GD molecule, but they are no longer anchored to the mucosal cells.

The advantage of this approach is its ability to circumvent the problem of antibiotic resistance. To become resistant to GD molecules, bacteria should change their anchors, which would also prevent them to be anchored to the mucosal cells. A possible GD molecules treatment could be used in prevention (for example a patient who caught systematically C.difficile when he went to the hospital) or in addition to antibiotic treatment. It is yet very interesting for all types of infectious bacteria that attack the cells of the mucous membranes, such as herpes, urinary tract infections, kidney infections, influenza and cystic fibrosis.

In the “Quebec Scientifique” capsule, René Roy share us his passion for chemistry, a scientific disicipline often ignored and unloved, but which fascinated him since childhood. The complete video could be viewed on Le Code Chastenay website.