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Professor Rene Roy in the broadcast Le code Chastenay
lundi 06 octobre 2008
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NanoQAM professor, René Roy, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Medicinal Chemistry, participated in the science magazine Le code Chastenay broadcast on 22 September 2008, at 20pm on Télé-Québec channel. He was interviewed for a documentary on glycodendrimères. These nanotechnologic structures could be used as new anti-microbial preventing bacteria from adhering to human tissue, thus completing the action of antibiotics.

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Last January, the science magazine Québec Science disclose the winners of the ten scientific breakthroughs of the year in Quebec. The discovery of René Roy, on the production of these molecules called glycodendrimères, found himself in this prestigious league table. This discovery could be applied especially in cases of infections with E. coli., which cause urinary tract infections, and may prove useful in the work on cystic fibrosis that following the researcher. The Quebec Science article can be viewed here.