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Professor Ricardo Izquierdo in the broadcast Le code Chastenay
Thursday 21 February 2008
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On last 7th January, Télé-Québec has launched a new science program: Le code Chastenay. Animated by Pierre Chastenay, the science magazine looks to the impact of all new research, in various scientific fields, on our lives. On the 14th January issue, you could seen Pr. Ricardo Izquierdo, professor at NanoQAM and at the Département d’Informatique de l'UQAM, speaking about the race to the electronic paper.

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Soon, in Quebec, on the market, will appeared cell phones, handheld computers and MP3 players with new thinned and contrasted screens. But this is only the beginning. Throughout the world, researchers are engaged in a fierce competition to go even further. They want to create a kind of screen so thin that it could be flexible. It’s called an electronic paper. In this global race, the secret weapon of Quebecers is nanotechnology or science of the infinitely small...