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1st PharmQAM/NaoQAM Student Seminar
lundi 03 décembre 2007
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On last 30th November, it held the first Students Symposium of both research centers PharmaQAM and NanoQAM.

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The first part of the symposium was dedicated to the PharmaQAM Research Center with presentations professors René Roy, Sarah Jenna, Borhane Annabi and Isabelle Marcotte, followed by the PharmaQAM students posters session.

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In the afternoon, the conference was dedicated to the NanoQAM Research Center, with the presentations of professors Jérome Claverie, Ricardo Izquierdo, Benoît Marsan and Steen Brian Schougaard, followed by the NanoQAM students posters session this time.

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At the end of the second posters session, deux prix, two prizes of $300 each were awarded to François Héroux (PharmaQAM) and Florent Lefèvre (NanoQAM) for the clarity and quality of their poster presentation.

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