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New ATR sampling accessory "Smart iTR"
mercredi 27 mai 2009
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Professor associate Daniel Chapdelaine has recently acquired an ATR sampling accessory "Smart iTR" from Thermo Scientific. This “Smart iTR” module allows the characterization of all types of samples (liquid, solid, plates, powders, etc …) while reducing the sample preparation to the strict minimum.

Thermo Scientific ATR sampling accessory Smart iTR
Thermo Scientific ATR sampling accessory Smart iTR

This module is equipped with 2 types of crystals: a diamond for the characterization of the most common samples, and one a ZnSe crystal for the characterization of dark samples like carbons.

Thermo Scientific iTR sampling accessory Smart iTR

Professor Daniel Chapdelaine has made available this "Smart iTR" module to all the scientific community . The module is based on equipment supported by the Research Center NanoQAM. Persons interested in autonomously using this "Smart iTR" module will have to follow a preliminary training with Gwenaël Chamoulaud.