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L’Express - Hors série No 16 July-August 2009
Tuesday 18 August 2009
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The Nano mini-sector, maxi-ambitions

L'Express - Hors-série n°16 Juillet-Aout 2009 - Couverture    L'Express - Hors-série n°16 Juillet-Aout 2009 - Article

Since 2000, Quebec has made nanotechnology one of its priorities in terms of research and specifically target four areas: the wood industry, transportation, life sciences and electronics/photonics. According to the most recent studies published by Statistics Canada in 2007, Quebec had, in 2005, 25 companies (88 across Canada) reporting activities linked to nanotechnology. The income of the sector amounted to 28millions dollars, of which the largest part, 52%, conducted in Quebec. However, in terms of jobs, the field of nanotechnology, in 2005, was about 120 people in Quebec (380 throughout the country). Jerome Claverie, french and chemistry professor, arrived in Montreal in 2006, is now director of the research center NanoQAM, University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM). His lab has 12 teachers and 90 students and researchers working on applications in the biomedical, environmental and energy. "It's not easy to find skilled labor, he said. There is a huge potential for hiring french people who arrive with a Ph.D. because France has a quality education in science which is really excellent."

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