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Professor Benoît Marsan at "L'après-midi porte conseil" on Radio Canada
vendredi 19 octobre 2012
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Le professeur Benoit Marsan has participated last Friday, June 8 at the show "L'après-midi porte conseil" led by Dominique Poirier on Radio Canada station. With Daniel Rousse, he presented the latest advances in the field of solar energy.

Advances in the field of solar energy : Quebec receives as much sunshine as the city of Casablanca, Morocco. Is it actually a good place to develop the solar industry? What are the breakthroughs in the field, and what hinders the development of this energy?

Radio Canada's guests work directly in the field of solar energy. From a new battery flexible, inexpensive and lightweight, to projects for large solar farms, anything is possible if we have the resources.

Radio Canada guests : Benoit Marsan, chemistry professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal and a specialist in electrochemistry and energy conversion. Daniel Rousse, Industrial Research Chair in energy technology and energy efficiency and mechanical engineer.

Find the integrity of the interview with Professor Benoit Marsan on the above player.

Source : Radio Canada