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New Aerosol Jet materials printer
mardi 20 novembre 2012
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Professor Ricardo Izquierdo, from Department of Computer Science of UQAM, the CoFaMic and the NanoQAM research centers start to make available their new Aerosol Jet Materials Printer for all academic and industrial players into fields of nanotechnology and microelectronics.

Aerosol Jet Materials Printer, OPTOMEC AJ300

This Aerosol Jet Materials Printer use an aerodynamic focusing system which allows the jet printing to remain uniform over a distance of 5mm from the substrate. This specificity allows printing on 3D structures. It is possible to make prints with different kind of emulsions : silver, PEDOT, carbon nanowires, etc... This materials printer allows to use a a large number of inks with viscosities between 1 and 1000 cP. The print resolution is 10um for sample sizes between 5x5mm and 30x30mm.

All persons interested for an independent use of such equipment must necessarily follow a prior training with M. Menouer Saidani.