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New nanofabrication equipment
mardi 02 octobre 2012
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Professor Fréréric Nabki, from Department of Computer Science of UQAM, the CoFaMic and the NanoQAM research centers start to make available a group of 3 new instruments for all academic and industrial players into fields of nanotechnology and microelectronics.


This profilometer is used to characterize a surface topography with a lateral resolution of 1 nm. This instrument also allows measurements of stress and 3D mapping. Direct applications of this type of instrument are measuring thickness of thin film, stress measurement, roughness measurement, and 3D representation of surfaces.

Profilometer, Dektak XT

Parylene Deposition System

This parylene deposition system, SCS Labcoter 2, allows you to make reliable, consistent (95%) and reproducible parylenes deposits (types C or N). The thicknesses of the obtained layers vary from a few nm to several microns. This instrument allows to operate at temperatures between 20°C to 650°C and pressures from 1 to 100torr. Applications of this instrument are synthesis of components for printed circuit boards (PCBs), sensors, medical devices, wafers, MEMS and elastomer components for R&D.

Parylene Deposition System, Labcoter 2 (PDS 2010)

Plasma cleaner

This instrument allows plasma cleaning to remove dirt and contaminants from surfaces through the use of an energetic plasma created from gaseous species (N2/Ar).

Plasma cleaner, PICO

All persons interested for an independent use of such equipment must necessarily follow a prior training with M. Menouer Saidani.