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New equipments for the PCB fabrication
vendredi 26 octobre 2012
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Professor Dominic Deslandes, from Department of Computer Science of UQAM, the CoFaMic and the NanoQAM research centers start to make available a series of equipmenta dedicated to the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB) for all academic and industrial players into fields of nanotechnology and microelectronics.

Circuit Board Plotter

This circuit board plotter (PCB) allows machining different kind of materials (FR4, plastic, teflon, aluminum) and a complete manufacturing of PCBs at the speed of 60,000 hole/min. It is equipped with a 15 positions tool changer that automatically replaces the milling and drilling tools for the manufacture of printed circuits. It allows machining pattern of around 100um in size on surfaces with dimensions between 5mmx5mm and 230mmx305mm.

Circuit Board Plotter, ProtoMat S63

Printed boards processing line

This processing line is a set of tools for a complete manufacturing of PCBs on different types of materials (glass, silicon, FR4, Plastics, Ceramics). This processing line consists of:
  • a laminator for resins (RLM419P)
  • a unit of UV illumination (HELLAS)
  • a copper etching bath (JET34D)
  • a system of cutting PCB (NECUT)
  • a press for plating rivets (FAVORIT)
  • and a punch (VARIODRILL)
This processing line allows machining pattern of around 30 um in size on surfaces with dimensions between 5 mm x 5 mm and 300 mm x 300 mm.

Printed boards processing line

All persons interested for an independent use of such equipment must necessarily follow a prior training with M. Menouer Saidani.