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New particle size analyzer
jeudi 20 décembre 2012
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Professor Jérôme Claverie, from Department of Chemistryof UQAM and the NanoQAM research center start to make available for all academic and industrial players into fields of nanotechnology and microelectronics, their new instrument for analysis of particle size in solution.

Particle size analyzer, Zetasizer Nano S90

The Zetasizer Nano S90 analyzer allows the measurement of particle size into liquid phases (miminal volume of 20uL). With a 4mW laser, it allows the detection of particles from 0.3nn to 5 microns in diameter. The Zetasizer is equipped with a avalanche photodiode detector (APD) conducting to a sensitivity greater than 20 times than a photomultiplier (PM). This instrument is based on the principle of dynamic and static light squatering. It is equipped with a temperature controller and allows measurements between 0°C and 90°C with an accuracy of 0.1°C.

All persons interested for an independent use of such equipment must necessarily follow a prior training with M. Volodymyr Kriuchkov.