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New equipment for measuring viscosity.
jeudi 14 mars 2013
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Professor Jérôme Claverie, from Department of Chemistryof UQAM and the NanoQAM research center start to make available for all academic and industrial players into fields of nanotechnology and microelectronics, their new instrument for measuring fluids vicosity.

Viscometer (VC), A&D, VC-10

This device is a vibrating viscometer and it is dedicated for measuring fluids viscosity. The active part of the viscometer is a vibrating rod (frequency 30Hz) driven by a constant power supply. The amplitude of the vibration depends on the fluid viscosity in which the rod is immersed. The main applications of this equipment are control of polymerization reactions, control of inks viscosity, or quality control of any fluid.

The VC-10 can measure viscosities between 0.3 and 10000mPa·s, from 0 to 160°C, with an accuracy of 1% of reading. The minimum amount of sample that can be analyzed with this equipment is 10 ml.

All persons interested for an independent use of such equipment must necessarily follow a prior training with M. Volodymyr Kriuchkov.