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New TGA-MS device
mardi 02 avril 2013
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Professor Daniel Bélanger, from UQAM Chemistry Department and the NanoQAM Research Center, just make accessible to various academic and industrial players in the fields of nanotechnology a new thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) for the simultaneously study of compounds produced by thermal decomposition reactions.

TGA/MS, TA Instruments, TGA Q500 / Discovery MS

The TGA (Q500) part, allows masse measurementa between 0-200 mg (sensitivity 0.1ug, precision 0.01%) and can controls the temperature up to 1000°C. Analyzes can be carried out under N2 or air in platinum (Pt), aluminum (Al) or alumina (Al2O3) pans. The device is equipped with an autosampler that allows the analysis of 16 samples successively. The furnace is a EGA (into quartz) which allows coupling to the mass spectrometer.

The MS (Discovery) is a quadrupole mass spectrometer connected to the TGA furnace through an interface heated capillary. The equipment allows mass measurements from 1 to 300 amu with a sensitivity in the order of ppb.

All people interested in the use of this TGA/MS instrument or interested to be trained on it for standalone use, must prior contact M. Gwenaël Chamoulaud.