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Strategic Research Chair for Pr. Bélanger
Tuesday 15 December 2015
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Started ion fall 2013, the strategic research chairs program aimed at supporting the development of research and creation at UQAM, especially in so-called emerging areas, sectoral or innovative. Chairs are awarded to a single holder, on competitive basis, using the following criteria: innovative potential of the proposed work and internal and external collaborations, scientific benefits, social and cultural, as well as integration and mentoring students.

Strategic Research Chairs for Pr. Bélanger

Professor Daniel Bélanger, from UQAM Chemistry Department, member of NanoQAM, is the holder of the new Materials Research Chair in energy technologies. The field of materials science, where UQAM is a leader in Quebec, is booming globally. The chair will focus mainly on electricity storage (batteries, electrochemical supercapacitors) and the development of photovoltaic cells - which convert solar energy into electricity - and fuel cells - which convert chemical energy electricity without CO2 emissions. The work of Daniel Bélanger will be conducted in collaboration with academic and industrial researchers as well as several foreign laboratories.

Source : Actualités UQAM