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New Raman Microscope
Sunday 02 September 2018
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Professor Mathieu Frenette from UQAM's Chemistry Department and the NanoQAM research center, have just made available to all academic and industrial players in nanotechnology fields a new confocal microscope coupled to a Raman spectrometer allowing to obtain spectra of specific areas of samples.

Raman Microscope
Raman Microscope, Renishaw, InVia

This Raman microscope consists of an optical microscope (x5, x20 and x50) coupled to a Raman spectrometer with 2 lasers sources (532nm and 785nm). The optical microscope is used to magnify and identify samples areas while the Raman spectrometer scatters light and measures the excitation vibration. It is possible to obtain Raman spectra of specific sample spots or make mapping of larger area (with a resolution of 2um).

Anyone interested into using this Raman Microscope or interested to being trained on it for autonomous uses, must contact Gwenaël Chamoulaud first.