A Research Center on Nanomaterials and Energy
High Temperature Tube Furnace (HTF)
Site : Nanomaterials component (Room CB-3430)
Contact : Gwenaël Chamoulaud.

Instrument description :

The Lindberg/Blue Mini-Mite high temperature furnace can reach the maximum temperature of 1100°C under vaccum or flowing gas cvonditions. The furnace temperature profile can be set up by 16 segments and run them automatically. Chamber is insulated with energy-efficient Moldatherm for quick heat up and cool down rates. This furnace is mainly used by material researches to develop new materials.

Equipment Model : Thermo Scientific, Lindberg/Blue Mini-Mite

High Temperature Tube Furnace (HTF), Thermo Scientific, Lindberg/Blue Mini-Mite

Service fees :

Device price setting
Academic ratesIndustrial rates
  • Add $40.00 / h to fees is manipulation are made by an operator.
  • Add 15% of administration fee if industrial user.