Centre de Recherche sur les Nanomateriaux et l'Énergie
Analyseurs de Batteries 8 canaux (BST)
Emplacement : Composante Caractérisations de pointe (Local CB-3465)
Ressource : Gwenaël Chamoulaud.

Description de l'instrument :

BST8-WA is CE certified eight-channel battery testing machine for R&D all types of rechargeable batteries at 0.002 - 1mA up to 5V. This system provides most applications in battery testing fields such as electrode materials research, battery performance test, small-scale battery formation, capability grading, battery pack testing and etc.

According to the international standard design, each channel of the system has an independent constant-current source and constant-voltage source which can be programmed and controlled by friendly GUI. In addition, an independent pulse source is added to each battery channel to meet the measurement of dynamic internal resistance of the battery.

BST8-WA adopts module construction. With plug-and-play design, the user can freely remove and load the module units non-stop without interrupting other modules. This function is convenient for the system's maintenance.

Modèle de l'équipement : MTI Corporation, BST8-WA

Analyseurs de Batteries 8 canaux (BST), MTI Corporation, BST8-WA

Frais d'utilisation :

Tarification de l'instrument
Tarifs académiquesTarifs industriels
  • Ajouter $40.00 / h si les manipulations sont effectuées par un opérateur.
  • Ajouter 15% de frais administratifs si utilisateur industriel.