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Atomic Force Microscope / “Dip-Pen” Nanolithography (AFM/DPN)
Site : Micronanofabrication component (Room PK-2270)
Contact : Gwenaël Chamoulaud.

Instrument description :

The NSCRIPTOR is an advanced Dip Pen NanolithographyTM (DPNTM) tool. The DPN method turns an atomic force microscope (AFM) into a nanofabrication platform. An AFM probe tip coated with “ink” contacts a surface and deposits ink on it. In many ways, the process is similar to macro-scale writing with an ink pen, but at a much smaller scale. With NSCRIPTOR, you use a pen tip a few microns high to create objects as small as 15 nanometers wide. The features of this instrument allow to make nano-imaging using methods like “contact mode” and “tapping mode”.This device with its “Dip-Pen nanolithography” technic allows to make nano-imprint. Finally, with its “Bias Control Option” module, this AFM can also be perform oxidation nanolithography.

Equipment Model : NanoINK, Nscriptor

Atomic Force Microscope / “Dip-Pen” Nanolithography (AFM/DPN), NanoINK, Nscriptor

Service fees :

Device price setting
Academic ratesIndustrial rates
  • Add 25$/h to fees is manipulation are made by an operator.
  • Add 15% of administration fee if industrial user.
  • Prices of tips, inks and supports are not include into the tariff.

Booking Terms :

  • For external users, please, take contact with Gwenaël Chamoulaud.
  • For internal users, every users need to follow a formation with Gwenaël Chamoulaud before use this facility. To make online reservation, click on the link in table below, then click on the day you want to make the booking. A more detailed schedule of the day will appear. You will then be able to book the time that suits to you.
  • To book this equipment from this page, click here.