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FTIR Spectrometer (FTIR)
Site : Advanced characterizations component (Room CB-1310)
Contact : Gwenaël Chamoulaud.

Instrument description :

Infrared spectrophotometry is a useful analytical technique to determine the strutural identification or confirmation of known and unknown product. An infrared spectrum allows to easily detect the presence of certain functional groups, and can serve as a "spectroscopic identification card" for a molecule or a material.

This equipement could use a Smart Diffuse Reflectance accessory which maximizes the collection of diffusely scattered radiation, while minimizing the specular effect, resulting in the highest quality spectral results. With this Smart Diffuse Reflectance accessory, a wide variety of samples can be analyzed with a minimum amount of sample preparation.

Equipment Model : Thermo Scientific, 4700

FTIR Spectrometer (FTIR), Thermo Scientific, 4700

Service fees :

Device price setting
Academic ratesIndustrial rates
  • Add 25$/h to fees is manipulation are made by an operator.
  • Add 15% of administration fee if industrial user.