A Research Center on Nanomaterials and Energy
Aerosol Jet Materials Printer (AJMP)
Site : Micronanofabrication component (Room PK-2270)
Contact : Alexandre Robichaud.

Instrument description :

This Aerosol Jet Materials Printer use an aerodynamic focusing system which allows the jet printing to remain uniform over a distance of 5mm from the substrate. This specificity allows printing on 3D structures. It is possible to make prints with different kind of emulsions : silver, PEDOT, carbon nanowires, etc... This materials printer allows to use a a large number of inks with viscosities between 1 and 1000 cP. The print resolution is 10um for sample sizes between 5x5mm and 30x30mm.

Equipment Model : Optomec Inc., OPTOMEC AJ300

Aerosol Jet Materials Printer (AJMP), Optomec Inc., OPTOMEC AJ300

Service fees :

For user fees, please visit the CoFaMIC website : http://www.cofamic.uqam.ca
  • Add 25$/h to fees is manipulation are made by an operator.
  • Add 15% of administration fee if industrial user.
  • Price of consumables (cartridges, tips, solvents, metals) not included.

Booking Terms :

  • For external users, please, take contact with Alexandre Robichaud.
  • For internal users, every users need to follow a formation with Alexandre Robichaud before use this facility. To make online reservation, click on the link in table below, then click on the day you want to make the booking. A more detailed schedule of the day will appear. You will then be able to book the time that suits to you.
  • To book this equipment from this page, click here.