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Circuit Board Plotter (PCB)
Site : Micronanofabrication component (Room PK-2765)
Contact : Alexandre Robichaud.

Instrument description :

This circuit board plotter (PCB) allows machining different kind of materials (FR4, plastic, teflon, aluminum) and a complete manufacturing of PCBs at the speed of 60,000 hole/min. It is equipped with a 15 positions tool changer that automatically replaces the milling and drilling tools for the manufacture of printed circuits. It allows machining pattern of around 100um in size on surfaces with dimensions between 5mmx5mm and 230mmx305mm.

Equipment Model : LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, ProtoMat S63

Circuit Board Plotter (PCB), LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, ProtoMat S63

Service fees :

For user fees, please visit the CoFaMIC website : http://www.cofamic.uqam.ca
  • Add 25$/h to fees is manipulation are made by an operator.
  • Add 15% of administration fee if industrial user.

Booking Terms :

  • For external users, please, take contact with Alexandre Robichaud.
  • For internal users, every users need to follow a formation with Alexandre Robichaud before use this facility. To make online reservation, click on the link in table below, then click on the day you want to make the booking. A more detailed schedule of the day will appear. You will then be able to book the time that suits to you.
  • To book this equipment from this page, click here.