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Access policy :

The purpose of the access policy is to be in charge of the using conditions of the infrastructure to be sufficiently flexible to encourage a maximum use of our equipment. The users coming from UQAM as well as the users coming from outside (academic users or not) have access to the various equipment of NanoQAM.

Access mode :

There are two ways of using the equipment :
  • by an autonomous use of the equipment
  • or by service requests.
All the users can become autonomous for the use of the equipment. This operating mode is privileged in the case or the user envisages a frequent use of the equipment. To become autonomous, the users must follow a formation on the use of the equipment and show their capacity to operate in an adequate way. The users who are thus trained will not have to pay the time passed through the personnel which ensures the formation on the instruments, nor the time of use of these instruments during their formation, except for the industrial users. If the envisaged use of equipment does not justify the need for a formation, it will be able to make a service request. An operator will be then charged to make handling for the applicant.

Operating hours :

The majority of the equipment are accessible 24 hours per day for the autonomous users who receive the authorization. If an operator is required, the use is limited to the working days between 9AM to 17PM. The same restriction can be applied for safety reasons for certain equipment.

The fact that the tariff structure is based on utilisation periods can seriously slow down the evolution of certain projects requiring the intensive use of certain apparatuses is a legitimate and recognized concern. In order, to maintain flexibility and also to encourage such projects, the access to any of the resources can be negotiated with the Director on an individual basis, in particular for the projects which will have an impact to develop new techniques.