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Development of LiMPO4 materials for lithium ion batteries
Thème : Energie | Domaines : Nouveaux matériaux d'électrodes, Batteries lithium-ion.

The Schougaard group Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and Clariant (Canada) inc. (formerly Phostech Lithium) have over the past six years formed a strategic alliance that targets practical solutions for next generation lithium-ion batteries - solutions that can cheaply and efficiently store renewable wind, solar and hydro energy. An important part of the strategic alliance, which has already produced its first patent, is to provide the scientific data needed for sound engineering and business decisions. As such, this project targets a unified framework for characterizing and modelling of new lithium metal phosphate battery materials. The economic benefits are closely related to the cutting edge research and training of a highly qualified workforce. These are key elements of our industrial partner completive advantage, and thus an important part of Québec's bid for the highly expansive lithium-ion battery market, which by 2020 is expected to be worth 50-80 billion dollars. 

Chercheurs : Steen B. Schougaard (NanoQAM), Guoxian Liang (Clariant Canada ltd).