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In-situ Studies of Electrochemical processes in Automotive Materials
Thème : Energie | Domaines : Batteries lithium-ion.

Personal transportation in cars appear close to major paradigm shift, as electric cars using "green" electricity is introduced into the marketplace. General Motors Canada is as such acutely aware that their further competitiveness will be closely related to the technologies required for electrification of personal vehicles. Consequently, a team has been assembled which is charged with developing the nanoscale characterization tools, including numerical modelling that can bring GM at the forefront of lithium battery technology. GM has a virtually unlimited supply of potential partners internationally. As such, inclusion in this team of experts of the Schougaard group, which rely heavily on the NanoQAM infrastructure to provide nanoscale electrochemical research, provides us confidence that we are truly at the forefront of our field. The unique knowledge, as well as, the HQP's formed during this research program, are important elements when the location of new facilities are to be decided. Combined with government support, the benefit to Quebec will be attracting and stimulating local lithium-battery industry.

Chercheurs : Steen B. Schougaard (NanoQAM), Gillian Goward (McMaster University), Andy Sun (University of Western Ontario), Bartosz Protas (McMaster University), Janine Mauzeroll (McGill University), Gianluigi Botton (McMaster University).