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Thème : Biomatériaux | Domaines : Composés thérapeutiques, Glycodendrimères.

Dendrimers constitute a promising class of monodisperse macromolecules having applications in a wide area of biology. These highly branched nanoparticles are harboring several surface functionalities that can be tailored to investigate inflammatory pathways and can be used as nanocarriers for gene and drug delivery, molecular encapsulation or covalent conjugation. Dendrimers have been proven useful as scaffolds toward the development of multivalent and multifunctional nanoconjugates incorporating a variety of functional groups including drugs which are known to be anti-inflammatory agents. Recently, glycodendrimers have been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties when suitable decoy molecules were incorporated onto the surface. This unprecedented finding has provided further momentum for the design of nanoparticular and biologically active pharmaceutical agents. Hence, dendrimers of varied size, scaffolds, and surface groups will be prepared by two renown and international research groups and their biological evaluation in inflammatory pathways evaluated by three different expert groups in the field.

Chercheurs : René Roy (NanoQAM), Valentin Cena (Unidad Asociada Neurodeath), Maria Bryszewska (University of Lodz), Jean-Pierre Majoral (Université de Toulouse).