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Mechanically adjustable micro-cavity laser
Theme : Nano-Electronic | Domains : Integrated optics.

The introduction of advanced services in data centers, such as cloud computing and virtualisation, is increasing the transmission speed requirement between users and computing facilities. One emerging scheme to satisfy this demand is to leverage the wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technologies developed for core transport networks. However, to implement this type of solution it is important to reduce the cost of transmitters. To accomplish this, the laboratories of Professors Deslandes, Ménard and Nabki, in collaboration with the company AEPONYX, are working to develop a solution based on silicon photonics to create an ultra-compact channel selection mechanism that can be integrated in these transmitters. This mechanism uses a planar microelectromechanical mirror invented at UQAM. The innovative technologies resulting from this work will enable the implementation of novel network architectures and services by telecommunication operators.

Researchers : Dominic Deslandes (NanoQAM), Michael Ménard (NanoQAM), Frédéric Nabki (NanoQAM).