Centre de Recherche sur les Nanomateriaux et l'Énergie
Fluorescence spectroscopy of large π conjugated molecules on surfaces
Prof. Moritz Sokolowski
Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Bonn, Germany

Résumé : Fluorescent organic molecules play an important role in organic electronic devices, e.g. OLEDs. Often, the molecules are deposited on solid substrates, forming thin films. Hence, one may ask, how this influences their optical properties. We have investigated this aspect by a surface science experiment and report how the fluorescence changes upon the adsorption and aggregation of the molecules on the surface.

Lieu et Date du séminaire :
Organisation du séminaire : NanoQAM-CoFaMic
Pavillon President Kennedy, Local PK-4610.
Vendredi 19 Septembre 2014 à 11:00.